We Develop.
You Grow.

We Design, Develop, Lead, and Integrate Solutions To
Help You Elevate Your Business

We Develop.
You Grow.

We Design, Develop, Lead, and Integrate Solutions To Help You Elevate Your Business

Let Us Assist You In Expanding Your Business
Via Innovation, Design, Leadership, and Development

Web Application Development

At Janmay, we combine consumer-focused, result-driven research, strategy, design, and development techniques to provide innovative, captivating digital solutions. Use our expertise in developing enterprise-grade web solutions to meet all of your company's needs.

Digital Products and Apps Building

The goal of Janmay continues to serve the community by delivering the luxury of high-tech devices and services but also to achieve comfort for clients who use its services.

All-in-one Technological
Services for Those Who Need It

Our expertise is in taking on challenging, detailed projects that pay dividends for our clients. While offering the highest calibre of services, we don’t hesitate to be raw and genuine. Having extensive competence in UX Audit, UX Design, and Front-end Development, we specialize in designing and building a friendly and attractive interface for our customers for a seamless and engaging user experience.


Do you want your brand to stand out with its creativity? Then we have you covered! Janmay provides you with a talented team of designers who are able to provide customized designs to your clients. We create graphic components that provide a visual representation of the end product that conveys the emotions you want to convey to your clients.


We excel in creating digital experiences that are both visually appealing and functional. With our professional development team, we provide you with the finest and most personalized design and solution that surpasses your expectations for mobile applications or web applications.


In this fierce competition, success for a startup appears to be as tough as locating a needle in a haystack. However, with Janmay consulting, you receive a magnet that attracts the needle to YOU. There's no need to chase dead ends! You receive the benefit of having a one-stop tech partner with Janmay. We give your startup an ecosystem that will ensure its success. So, what are you waiting for? Build with Janmay!

Our Services

Mobile Application Development

Providing apps for various OS as well as universal apps for your convenience. Your idea is our implementation. With...

Web Applications Development

All you need for your website to stand out is Janmay Consulting. We exceed your expectations by providing...

Technology Planning

Strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning are all things we provide you. As part...

IT Consulting

Advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives...

Find the Best Consultants and Developers

Our experts assist you in outperforming your competitors with a transparent digital strategy that generates...


Janmay Consulting comprises experts with a decade of experience in Waterfall and Agile Software Development Methodology and is efficient in technologies from Requirement Analysis to Design, Coding, Debugging, Documentation and Implementation. They also excel in Angular, React, Node, JavaScript, Typescript, User Interface Development, DevOps, Agile, and Product Development.

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Janmay is proud to have earned the trust of world-class companies and entrepreneurs.

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